Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Ashley Oshiro is a self-taught artist who discovered her passion for painting in 2012.  Since then, she has explored different styles and techniques, and continues to evolve as an artist. Her paintings consist primarily of acrylics on canvas or board and feature large scale, big brush strokes along with bright and bold colours. Ashley continues to reside in Calgary, Alberta, where she lives with her husband and two young children.


I have always found that Art has been my preferred means of expression, starting at an early age. Inspired by the colours of nature and the captivating images that I have experienced while traveling, painting has become my creative outlet where I can escape from the day to day and enjoy quiet moments of reflection.

I am committed to creating artwork that promotes and celebrates the City of Calgary and enhances the arts and culture scene. As someone that has chosen to live, raise my family and build my art career in Calgary, I truly value impactful artwork that will be cherished by my children and Calgarians alike.

My newest series, Downtown Street Scenes, depicts cultural landmarks in Calgary using bright and unconventional colours. Each 20”x20” acrylic painting was painted from photographs that I took in downtown Calgary and are accompanied by narratives which focus on the historical significance of each scene and my own personal connection to each location.